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Why Your Best Growth Strategy to Survive or Thrive as a Leader & Organization Is Never to React to External Crisis, But to Capitalize On Who You Really Are Even More

After Trying Many Expensive Options That Didn't Work, Discover Why These CEOs, Decision-Makers & Executive Teams Attest to the Big Difference Living Blueprint Facilitated & the Profound Growth Results They Experienced

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"Individually we have no ego, together we are a Monster."

A Frank Roundtable Conversation inspired by the forthcoming book and research based manifesto, Monster: Your Billion Dollar Ideology.

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Our Work & Educational Talks Have Benefited 6 to 9 Figure Companies & Leaders From Established Organizations & Brands Including

Featuring the success stories of clients now growing better and thriving faster in industries across aviation, medical equipment, online education, luxury vehicles, private security, real estate and hospitality ranging from dozens of staff to over 1,000 employees.

Step by Step With Your Trusted Guides & Chief Strategists:

SANDY HUANG is the Chief Exploration Strategist of Living Blueprint. With a unique gift for structured foresight along with sharp analytical skills and an MBA from the University of British Columbia, she facilitates new structures into existence, enabling teams and organizations to harness continual opportunities in a methodical and predictable manner aligned with who they uniquely are in a rapidly evolving world.

DAVID ANTHONY CHILDS is the Chief Blueprint Strategist of Living Blueprint as well as the co-author of Monster: Your Billion Dollar Ideology. He has facilitated team alignment exercises for the executive leadership of billion dollar companies and some of western Canada's leading brands and teams, enabling to them to strategically adapt, play to their strengths and better capitalize on who they really are, especially in times of crisis or change.

DRIMA STARLIGHT is the Chief Narrative Strategist of Living Blueprint as well as the co-author of Monster: Your Billion Dollar Ideology. He has coached and consulted for CEOs of 9-figure brands, Fortune 500 executives, Forbes 30 Under 30 founders and tech entrepreneurs, and Emmy and Grammy Award recognized artists and storytellers, guiding them to amplify their true voice and values, own their cause and harness digital media for bigger impact.

By the End of This Insightful 28-Minute Video Filmed for Free Instant Online Access, You Will Discover:

  • The process behind the book Monster: Your Billion Dollar Ideology.
  • The profound clarity and growth results organizations experienced.
  • Why most methodologies for organizational alignment don't work.
  • How the unconventional Living Blueprint process came to be.
  • The importance of finding and living by your "Harmonic Note."
  • The step-by-step 3-phase Living Blueprint process distilled.
  • The criteria you must meet to thrive.

Living Blueprint, a Vancouver and Toronto based globally oriented team, has its roots as a brand identity and strategy agency. Over the years, as its process delivered incisive results and proved powerful for uncovering a growing organization’s purpose in times of change, the firm evolved into a unique hybrid endeavor combining skilled hands-on facilitation, executive coaching and management consulting.

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"The essence of our discovery has given us insight, alignment and tools to move forward with clear intent both internally and externally. I would highly recommend any leader who works with people to explore the ‘Monster’ process with Living Blueprint."

CHRISTIAN CHIA, CEO of OpenRoad Auto Group